About The Program

Staff and volunteers have been vaccinated for COVID 19 virus.

In addition, riders age 12 and older have been vaccinated. While it is not mandatory that anyone be vaccinated, it is mandatory that ALL individuals wear a face mask (vaccinated or not) while within close proximity (6 feet or less) of others. We have had no onsite reports of COVID 19 and work diligently to keep everyone safe. Items and tack used are disinfected after each use. Additionally, all participants and staff must sign in for each visit to the stable and check that they are feeling well and have been fever free. In sum, we are following the CDC and state of Maryland Guidelines as they are provided since the inception of the pandemic. We thank all for their adherence to these guidelines

Marvelous Minis - We craft our visit to your organizational interests and needs.

Contact us for visits to the stable or making a trip to your school, assisted living or human service organization.

LeCheval Stable is a 501 c 3 non profit, licensed and insured facility. We provide an inclusive opportunity for individuals to explore the total equestrian experience. Riders ages 5 to adult learn basic standards and horsemanship skills necessary for safe riding.

Lessons are geared to the strengths and needs of the rider after an initial riding evaluation. During first phase lessons, riders will gain an understanding of overall safety and barn rules. They will actively participate in grooming, (un)tacking the horse, leading the horse, and working on the lunge line at a walk and trot. They will learn how to steer a straight, curved and zig zag line at the walk. Balancing at the walk and trot and beginning to post at the trot will ready riders for advancing skills.

As riders progress, they will move through levels commensurate with their demonstrated ability. The team will work with each rider to provide support, positive feedback and modify instruction as deemed necessary. Riding the horse using upward transitions (halt to walk to trot to canter) and downward transitions (canter to trot to walk to halt) will be a major focus for advanced beginners and early intermediate riders.

LeCheval Stable provides a working student program and hands on training for responsible individuals who may want to volunteer as sidewalkers, leaders, acquire barn management skills or gain a deeper understanding of how horses can enrich the lives of others.

Horseback Riding Lessons

Schedule 2021

Spring Session I
March 15 - April 17(5 weeks)
Spring Session II
April 19 - May 29(6 weeks)
Summer Session I
June 7- July 16(6 weeks)
Summer Session II
July 19 – July 30(2 weeks)
August 23 – September 3(2 weeks)
Fall Session I
September 13 – October 8(4 weeks)
Fall Session II
October 18 – November 20(5 weeks)

REMEMBER TO UPDATE ALL WAIVER FORMS before the start of your first session

Lessons rescheduled when weather is inclement – Heavy rain, thunder storms, sleet, snow Need to cancel lessons? Please give 24 hour or more notice.

Lessons will be scheduled weekday morning, later afternoon and early evening. Private and semi-private formats are offered for lessons. Helmets are provided or riders may bring their own as long as it is current and SEI / ASTM approved. Paddock boots or tall boots are safe footwear to wear with long pants. Please dress in layers for temperature changes in weather.

For more information and to register for sessions please contact:
Cell (410) 977-7989

Waivers and volunteer forms can be downloaded on



February 15 – Saturday 9:00-11:00
April 4 - Saturday 12:00-2:00
May 27 - Wednesday 4:00-6:00 | Parents, athletes and volunteers for Special Olympics
June 27 - Saturday 12:00-2:00
July 15 - Wednesday 9:00-11:00
September 2 - Wednesday 9:00-11:00
October 28 - Wednesday 4:00-6:00 | Volunteers for End of Year Show

What Will Participants Learn

  • Horse Sense - Rules and Reasons. 
  • Safety on and off the horse.
  • Understanding horse behavior. 
  • Horse anatomy. 
  • Horse colors, markings and breeds.
  • Horsemanship skills.
  • Care and handling of the horse. 
  • How to approach and release a horse.
  • Grooming and ground work.
  • Parts and function of tack. 
  • Communication with natural aids. 
  • Barn and ring etiquette.
  • Lunging a horse.
  • Working with horse at liberty. 
  • Mount and dismount. 
  • Posture and balance.
  • Diagonals and leads.
  • Riding solo or with a group. 
  • Horse gaits.  
  • Managing smooth transitions.
  • Schooling figures.
  • Refining aids.
  • Gymkana.
  • Trail Obstacles.
  • English vs. Western Disciplines.
  • How to tack and untack a horse with saddle and bridle.
  • Ready to learn how to ride?

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